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We are passionate about online learning!
KWIK Online Courses

is an on-the-go learning platform

set-up to complement the vast usage

of smartphones and tablets today.

Mission and Vision

Mission of KWIK

is to provide a holistic learning environment to nurture qualities of leadership at the top and cohesion on the ground.

Our Vision

We believe in an environment where students learn through a self-motivating process so as to be driven for a lifelong constant pursuit for greater heights.

KWIK offers notes, concepts summary, tests and cheat sheets for you to develop independent learning habits. We’ve painstakingly and meticulously structured KWIK based on the core principles of rote learning which students like you are familiar with, but beyond that, also making sure that you are challenged to think out-of-the-box, and in real-world and real-life context, making learning applicable and relatable for you.

KWIK’s mobile functionality also ensures that you have these essentials with you at all times, so you can just whip out your mobile devices and study away, anytime, anywhere!

KWIK’s unique platform also includes the option to select the ask-and-answer functionality. Got a tricky TYS question you can’t solve? Confused about which formula to use first? Can’t get the concepts straight? When in doubt, a KWIK instructor will be made available to answer your questions.

With KWIK, learning is now more convenient and interesting. Spend more time on your mobile devices….. for good reason!

The Rote Less Travelled develops and provides supplementary educational curriculum in Mathematics and Science at the Secondary and Junior College levels in Singapore.

The Rote Less Travelled is founded on the belief that education should be an ongoing learning process and is the most important stepping stone to hone an individual’s character and creativity. While results are still used as one of the key meritocratic differentiating criteria in today’s highly competitive environment, the intrinsic value of the learning process is truly the outcome that we should be focused on in the long run.

The Rote Less Travelled believes that there are two crucial formative influences in a young man or woman’s life: first is the home; the second is the school.

Today, most homes are filled with love, and are zones where children learn the basic and soft skills needed to socialise, develop and succeed in life. The home places the child in an environment where they are cocooned in love under the watchful guidance of parents, grandparents or guardians and are free to develop their learning abilities without worrying about failing or being subjected to external pressures.

Due to the hard work of our Nation’s forefathers, our schools today can indeed be considered world class and are known internationally as elite educational institutes of choice. It is not uncommon to find the student population in our top universities almost 1:5 in terms of the foreign to local student ratio, one of the lowest in the region. Not only that, our GPAs are also among the top in Asia and can also hold their own when compared against top universities in the US and UK. This in turn has led to a stiffer competition landscape, where students compete harder with each other to be streamed into a good class or a good school for their next phase of education. Learning then evolves from a lifelong marathon to short sprints where the energy and focus is just for the semester or the term. Learning from understanding may then get short-circuited into just memorisation. Students will eventually seek qualities which will lead to individual survival rather than hone themselves for a holistic lifelong process.



How KWIK Works

The KWIK mobile learning platform allows you to access detailed and comprehensive syllabus guides, quick revision cheat sheets and mock practice tests for all ‘O’ level maths and science subjects anytime anywhere. All you need is your mobile device and an internet connection to easily and conveniently access your study notes and revision guides wherever you are.

How do you get started?

It’s easy, just follow these 5 simple steps to get yourself set up, then you’re ready to access the KWIK world of convenience and mobile learning!


Preview the various subjects available (only ‘O’ level Maths and Science subjects at the moment) under All Courses and select the SUBJECT you wish to purchase.

Each Course has a preview sheet of the Chapters included.

For each chosen subject, select the MEMBERSHIP tier you need for that subject. KWIK offers 5 different modes of study and 3 membership tiers combining the different modes. Each of the modes are chapter-specific.

KWIK’s 5 modes are as follows:

Study Mode – This is where you can find all the detailed revision concepts and explanations that you will need for a complete understanding of the chapter.

Formula Mode – Here you will find the comprehensive list of all formulae related to the topics covered in the chapter, making this a quick go-to page for easy reference!

Summary Mode – Key concepts and fundamentals of the chapter are succinctly summarised here.

Test Mode – Think you’ve got this chapter down to pat? Take the revision test to make sure you’ve got your key concepts covered!

Ask Mode – Still have questions you can’t figure out? Post your questions and our KWIK instructors on standby will be with you faster than you can say HELP!

Refer to Membership Tiers for more details on the various membership options and pricing.

Select the mode of payment and check out.

You will receive a receipt for your purchase and an activation link at the email address you provided during sign-up.

Proceed to activate your account.

Log in for the first time to load all the subjects and access the full suite of KWIK functionality.

Welcome to the exciting world of KWIK – Happy learning!



Membership Tiers 

There are three options of Subscriptions, each giving different access levels to KWIK content.


This is the basic tier membership scheme which gives access to the Study and Formula modes only. This is recommended for students who just want to have all their notes with them but would rather do their own formula sheets, summary notes.


This is the recommended mode for most students. It involves all 4 modes (Study, Formula, Summary and Test) and provides students with a very comprehensive coverage of the entire chapter on-to-go.

Scholar Plus

This is for the ever-inquisitive student, who usually has more questions than answers. Besides the 4 modes, Scholar Plus also provides the option of having an instructor ready to answer any questions you might have as you revise your notes, go through your summary or do the revisions tests.

Scholar Courses

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