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Here we will try to answer the most popular questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please select the topic of your question and find your solution. Feel free to message us if you haven’t found the answer needed!

Where are the contents from?

These materials are written by teachers/tutors with more than 15 years of teaching experience. They are created to supplement the current education system in a bid to motivate students and provide an avenue for learning-on-the-go.


What are the key benefits of subscription?

KWIK offers notes, concepts summary, tests and cheat sheets for students to develop an independent learning habit. Structured around how students today are familiar with the rote learning environment, KWIK further adds on to complement by allows students to study from their mobile devices anytime anywhere.


How do I use the User Dashboard?

The User Dashboard is available under the user menu (top right corner of the browser window). Click on your nickname to access the dropdown menu. The main Dashboard contains all the information about your Courses, Quizes and Units (Chapters) read. You can review your Notes & Discussion comments here and communicate with Instructor or other Users via special form. All KWIK news will be also displayed in your Dashboard.

Choose “Inbox” or “Notifications” to view your messages about Courses attended or Admin notifications. Click on Settings to change your preferences and edit User profile picture.



I’m not able to change a profile picture in the User Dashboard.

We advise to clear the cache and refresh the page few times if you cannot upload your image to a site.

Also please check if you have some ads blocking software installed in browsers on your end. It can be a browser extension (like ABP) or antivirus software on your computer that would block popup windows. Since changing avatar requires popups feature enabled, we advise to disable such extensions on KWIK site.

How do I access all data related to Courses purchased and my account details?

Please log in and click on User Menu (your nickname in the top right screen corner) to access the User Dashboard, check assigned Courses, inbox messages and notifications and change account settings (for instance, you can change your User profile image easy through User Menu – Settings). You can edit your account information on My Account page.


Which membership tier should I go for?

KWIK offers 3 modes. We strongly recommend Scholar Mode which gives you access to all the modes with the exception of ASK mode. However, if you are someone that would prefer assistance as you study, Scholar Plus provides access to an instructor that is available to answer any questions that you might have in the next 24 hours.


Can I change membership halfway through?

You can purchase another Course subscription at any time in addition to your existing subscriptions. However, if you wish to switch the current subscription, you’ll have to cancel (discontinue) it.


I’m not able to log-on

We advise to clear the cache of your browser and try again. Detailed instructions to completely clear the cache:

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Mozilla Firefox
  3. Apple Safari
  4. Internet Explorer
  5. Opera
  6. Android
  7. IOS
  8. Windows Phone
Is there any subscription offers if I subscribe to more than one course?

You may be eligible for a great introductory offer, which will let you try Scholar for a fraction of the regular rate. To see the deals currently on offer, just head here.


What other payment options are there?

KWIK accepts payment from credit cards and PayPal. We propose recurring subscriptions for our Courses.


How is the membership paid?

KWIK proposes Subscriptions on a recurring base, which means that you will be automatically charged for the next month when your current month is expired. First billing cycle starts as soon as the first payment is received or corresponding order is marked processing or completed.

Customers can view and manage their subscriptions via My Account page:


Clicking on the subscription ID or button View will take customer to individual subscription page. User can view subscription details, find related orders as well as cancel subscription.


How do I cancel the membership?

You can cancel your Subscription via My Account page at anytime. Please note that your access to a product Course will be immediately blocked.


My credit/debit card failed. Will I lose subscription immediately?

If a payment did not go through on the usual renewal date, you will receive an email notification.

This can happen for a number of reasons, such as:

•  Your credit card may have expired.

•  There may not have been sufficient funds when the payment was attempted.

•  A temporary connection problem with your bank when the payment was due to be processed.

You will not immediately lose your paid subscription. We’ll keep trying to take the payment over the next few days.

You can check your payment details any time in your Account.

How does this section work?

There are 3 main purposes for this section. A) for you to make self-notes for quick revision at a later time, B) to document questions to ask instructors if you are subscribed to ASK Mode, and C) to make your comment public and receive other users replies or take a part in other users discussions.


Who will answer my questions and how do I trigger them?

If you are subscribed to ASK mode, a KWIK instructor will be made available to answer any of your questions in the next 24 hours. Click on “+” icon on the margins of the Chapter, type in your question and click “Post”. Press “Request Instructor Reply” and instructor will respond to you on the same thread. You can make any discussion public by clicking on “Make Public” tool or edit your comment. All tools are available below the comment.



How can I manage my notes and discussions?

All your comments and replies received are available on Notes & Discussions page. Alternatively, you can find them in the User dashboard, Notes & Discussion section. Log in and click on your nickname in the top right corner of the screen (User Menu) to access the User Dashboard. The most recent comments are displayed also in the right sidebar of the Course Dashboard.


Why can’t I edit my notes (comments of Ask Mode)?

While User can Remove note (comment in the Ask Mode) easy from the Course’s sidebar, User Dashboard, Chapter margins and “Notes & Discussion” page itself, he is not always able to Edit it (only on Chapter margins). This happens due to KWIK content protection functionality that blocks some page content editing options.

You can only edit your comment on the Chapter margins where you placed it originally.



I’m not able to delete notes after placing them there.

Click on the active comment icon (marked green) and press on “Remove” tool below the comment . You can also manage your notes in the User Dashboard and right sidebar of the Course Dashboard. Please remember that all your comments are visible to you only unless you make them public or request Instructor’s reply.



Transfer of information

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Types of data collected

RLT collects personal information so that we can provide an experience that is responsive and customized to your needs. Examples of personal information we collect include:

•  Personal data about you which may include names, identification particulars, contact details, preferences, educational information, demographic data, payment details and transaction history;

•  Information and data generated in the course of any continual relationship with RLT, for example, instructions given by you to arrange class enrolments, transfers, replacements, withdrawals, and other information and records you choose to provide by various modes of communication including mail, telephone, SMS, fax, email, internet and market research;

•  Information from cookies, other technologies deployed for the analysis of website usage or other information technology applications used by RLT.

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